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Photoshoot Checklist


- Make sure your house is clean and tidy.
- Remove anything that can be seen as clutter.
- Vacuum and wipe all surfaces.
- Wipe off noticeable stains from windows.
- An untidy home can be very distracting when viewing photos.


- Make sure all light globes are working, indoors and out.
- Matching, bright light globes will help with the overall lighting and presentation of your home.

Front and Back Yard

- Park cars in the garage or down the street.
- Place rubbish bins in the garage or away from the front of the house.
- Trim bushes, mow lawns and remove all debris.
- Remove all non-permanent items, e.g. toys, bikes, clothes from the line, etc.


- Remove all non-essential items, e.g. dishes, cookware, cutlery, tea towels etc.
- Remove magnets from the fridge.

Bathroom and En-suite

- Clear all items from shower and sink/counter.
- Wipe down the shower screen and mirror.
- Make sure the toilet seat is down.

Living and Family Room

- Arrange furniture to maximise space.
- Hide TV remotes and cables.
- Remove newspapers, magazines, laptops and gym equipment.
- Tidy shelving units.


- Remove all clothing items.
- Hide personal items, e.g. photos, perfume, phones, etc.
- Make sure the bed is made and well presented.

Click here to download a pdf version of our checklist.